Co-financed by P2020
Project Designation | VALEDEAL 2020
Project Code | LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-027768
Main Objective | Strengthening the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Companies
Region of intervention | Set˙bal
Beneficiary entity |VALEDEAL, Lda.

Approval date | 14-11-2017
Start date | 30-05-2017
End date | 29-05-2019
Total eligible cost | 360.542,19 Euros
Financial Support from European Union FEDER 144.216,88 Euros
Objectives, activities and results
. Knowledge of foreign markets
. Web presence
. Prospection actions
. Promotion actions
. International Marketing actions
. New methods of commercial approach
The strategy behind this project is to strengthen its presence in the markets where VALEDEAL already operates and win customers in new countries, preferably in more demanding and higher added value segments, hence the need to intensify the capacity for the international market.

Co-financed by P2020